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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Process

Shapiro & Duncan offers customers the advantage of a Building Information Modeling (BIM) process that is managed and operated in-house. 

Our BIM process, which incorporates the latest AutoCAD and other leading third-party CAD programs, is a solution that can produce composite mechanical drawings in 3D for planning, fabrication and installation of mechanical components.  Using NavisWorks as the primary BIM platform, we are able to identify collisions and work through any clash detection issues digitally, rather on the job site.  Ultimately, the BIM process is the key to cost-efficient design and placement of all trades in the defined space.

BIM Benefits

  • 3D imaging gives the building owner a realistic virtual look at the product, before construction begins.
  • Correcting clash issues prior to field installation of systems helps reduce labor cost in the field.
  • By allowing systems to be completed off site, the BIM process enables us to meet more demanding project schedules.
  • Our BIM software, to which project documentation can be attached, supports future life-cycle maintenance of the building.
  • Fully integrated with purchasing, our BIM process facilitates more accurate ordering of job site and materials for fabrication.

“When Shapiro and Duncan is on a Whiting-Turner project, it means one less contractor we have to worry about. From the use of BIM for coordination in ceilings and mechanical spaces to having many items come to the job site prefabricated, Shapiro and Duncan plays a leading role in meeting or exceeding quality standards of the project and contributes to the project being done on time and on budget.”

Bill Whiting

Whiting-Turner Construction